Artificial Intelligence
supports your needs

Customer behavior, revenue maximization, production optimization, abandonment or demand forecasting are just a few mission-critical use cases that you can easily implement with MindsDB right where your data resides.


Artificial Intelligence in 3 steps

We prepare the data, train the model, analyze the results. All within your database.

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We prepare the data

Pre-process your data within your database. SQL is one of the most powerful tools available and with MindsDB you can put your data into a Machine Learning model using standard SQL.

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We train the model

Take your data and build accurate predictive models with SQL, all without the need to know any programming language and since we extract the data directly from your database, the implementation of useful models is immediate.

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Analyze the results

Take your predictions and create beautiful visualizations to share with the entire company. Enable better results through data-driven predictive experiences.

There is a MindsDB application for every business

Reduction of abandonment​

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than keeping an existing customer. Therefore, it is essential for marketing departments to ensure that they keep customers satisfied and provide them with personalized offers at the right time in order to reduce customer revenue.

Satisfied employees

Keeping quality employees well trained is the primary goal of growing organizations. MindsDB enables HR teams to gain a holistic view of employee behavior to increase job satisfaction.

Customer management

Acquiring customers to ensure continued revenue is a key goal for most businesses. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, we help companies understand who their customers are and their value throughout their lives.

Direct Marketing

Marketing, when done right, can help your business stay competitive. With MindsDB's advanced machine learning technology, you can increase your ROI by analyzing your marketing to better target and reach the type of customers who are most likely to respond to your campaigns.

Fraud interception

It is a constant challenge for businesses to keep up with fraud techniques. Using fraud detection algorithms, MindsDB evaluates transactions that may appear to be fraudulent and automatically flags or rejects them.

Detection of fraudulent complaints

Fraudulent claims are expensive and most insurers don't have the resources to investigate every claim. Using MindsDB, insurers can detect which claims are most likely to be fraudulent based on certain characteristics.

Stock management

Accurate predictions about the need for a product or item have a huge impact on working capital. MindsDB provides you with a reliable tool that takes the guesswork out of determining product demand.

Loan Recovery

Debt collection can be expensive. MindsDB's machine learning models help banks and financial institutions identify customers at risk, predict loan recovery dates and organize debt collection activities.

Predictive maintenance

Unplanned downtime can be disastrous for any organization. MindsDB uses machine learning to enable predictive maintenance to minimize equipment failures, reduce errors and reduce unplanned downtime.

Price modelling

Optimizing pricing decision making is a multi-million dollar opportunity. MindsDB helps you make pricing decisions using your historical data.

Quality assurance​

Quality control is no stranger to automation. Using AI MindsDB helps reduce test coverage overlaps, increase test predictability, and detect and prevent defects.

Risk assessment​​

An accurate forecasting model is the cornerstone of today's risk assessment. MindsDB makes large amounts of data accessible to build models that improve decision making.